22. May 2018

First practice rounds made

First practice rounds made. Everybody happy and positively suprised!

This week, on 23-25 May, the competition Pärnu Bay Golf Links Challenge 2018 hosted by Wendre of the Swedish Golf Tour takes place. The competition, organised in cooperation with Swedish Golf Federation, involves professional players and an award fund of 40 000 euros, provided by the Wendre AS. 120 top players from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and the host country Estonia have qualified for the competition and spend five days in Pärnu.
A day prior to the main competition, today at 14:00, a highly exciting PRO-AM team competition will be held, allowing participation from any local and foreign companies. A team consists of 3 amateur players + 1 professional player assigned by the Swedish Golf Federation. Have a look at the golf teams HERE.

Organising the competition is in addition to the companies of Trading House Scandinavia AB which include Wendre AS and the golf courses Pärnu Bay Golf Links and Saare Golf supported by Tallink Sverige, Estonia Resort Hotel & Spa, Tervise Paradiis spaa-hotell & veekeskus, Tervis ravispaahotell and Strand SPA & Conference Hotel.

(The course is only on disposal and closed for public play. We apologise for the inconvenience. Tee times can be reserved starting from Friday, 25th May, afternoon)